TEC2014-53176-R: High Availability Video Analysis for People Behaviour Understanding (HAVIDEO) (2015-2017)

The objective of this project is to tackle the problem of high availability video analysis, that is,
the long-term analysis of video sequences. This project will focus on video-based understanding of
people behaviour and it will investigate strategies to characterize the monitored scene, detect the
existing people and identify their behaviour (e.g., movements and interactions) over long periods of
time, either in single or multiple camera settings. The outcome of the project will provide a people
behaviour description that can benefit a wide range of potential applications, nowadays mainly
related to security (i.e., video surveillance) but also to people care (e.g., independent living) or
monitoring (e.g., commercial areas monitoring) where long-term video analysis is a key issue.
Participants: Universidad Autónoma Madrid
Main researcher: Martinez Sanchez, Jose María
Researchers: Bescós Cano, Jesús, Escudero Viñolo, Marcos, García, Miguel Angel, Garcia-Martin, Alvaro, Martin Nieto, Rafael, Navarro Fajardo, Fulgencio, Ortego Hernandez, Diego, Salgado Álvarez de Sotomayor, Luis, SanMiguel Avedillo, Juan Carlos
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