EIN2019-103341 (MobiNetVideo4EU): Towards a Horizon Europe proposal on Visual Analysis for practical deployment of cooperative Mobile camera Networks (2019-2021)

The overall aim of the project is to boost the submission of a Spanish coordinated project to the
Digital and Industry cluster of the Global Challenges & Industrial Competitiveness pillar of the
Horizon Europe program (envisaged start at January 1st, 2021). The project will start from results
that are being obtained by the coordinating group in the TEC2017-88169-R ongoing national project
(MobiNetVideo). As this project proposal relies on the innovation potential of the MobiNetVideo
project as a platform towards a Horizon Europe proposal, we name it MobiNetVideo for Europe
(MobiNetVideo4EU). MobiNetVideo4EU focuses on the creation of a European public-private
consortium to expand the research ideas and resources of the coordinating group by leveraging on
other research centres and companies—with a priority towards SMEs—experience, human
resources and technology that may lead to the submission of a Horizon Europe successful
Funded by: Ministerio de Ciencia Innovación y Universidades
Participants: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Main researcher: Martinez Sanchez, Jose María

Web link: EIN2019-103341 (MobiNetVideo4EU)